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Shanghaied to Xiangfan

Puttering around on the train, killing time…here’s a little slice of the countryside between Wuhan and Xiangfan…

It’s hard to capture much of interest, or much in the way of good video, on a train whizzing along at around 120kph. This is mostly a test, only a test, of embedding video in the blog. While you should be able to see many rice fields (and some ponds with lotus plants in the foreground), if you pause here and there you’ll note the occasional farmer and a few water buffalo.


2 Responses

  1. Can you please tell me how long the traintrip between Wuhan and Xiangfan took? What type of train did you travel in?

    Your reply would be most appreciated!

    The Netherlands

  2. There’s really only one type of train…somewhat dingy, but still serviceable. You can catch a train at one of two train stations in Wuhan…Hankou or Wuchang. Costs 40 kuai (just under 4 euros) for a “soft” seat. If you’re lucky, you’ll nab the “express” train that takes about 4 hours. Otherwise, the milk run train takes about 5 hours.

    And you would have some (sane) reason to come to this third-tier city in the middle of nowhere China?

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